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Hello all

I've had live journal for over 2 years now and just today I discovered the communities! I thought I had to be a paid member for them. So I am very happy :)


My name is Kristin, I am a month away from being 24, married to a wonderful man Andrew. No living children yet, just two doggies Bullet & Trigger (they're beagles).

Andrew and I got married in May of 2004. In September 2004 we found out that we were pregnant. We were estatic, unfortunatly we lost the baby at 7 weeks. That was very hard, still is. But we waited the typical "3 cycles" and started trying again. We got pregnant in April 2005, everything was going perfect with this pregnancy, we had check ups every 2 weeks (I'm high risk...more to follow), saw and heard the little heartbeat, but then at 11 weeks our precious ones heart beat had stopped. I opted for a D & C this time because we wanted to have genetic testing done to find out why this kept happening. Well I didn't just have a D&C, I had to have 2! In a 2 week time period, because the doctor didn't use and ultrasound machine the 1st time and so she missed some tissue. Anyway the testing came back and we found out that we had a girl, she had turners syndrome (if you're curious go to www.turners.com). We named our babies Kya Mae and Keyanna Dani, they mean "Diamond in the Sky" and "Living with Grace"

The grief only magnifys when month after month since our 2nd loss we have been unsuccessful at conceiving again. With our 2 pregnancies we got pregnant on our first try. Now its been over 17 months of trying. After having 2 60 day cycles last spring I saw my OB and she scared me with saying that there's a possibility that I may have developed Asherman's syndrome (www.ashermans.org) it's basically uterine scar tissue from an aggressive D&C!!!!!! But I couldn't afford to have and HSG done so she opted to do some blood work as I told her I was also gaining weight by looking at food. Well it turned out that I have PCOS. Lucky me :) She put me on 1500 mg of metformin and after 2 weeks I ovulated! Seemed like that was the answer to our not getting pregnant questions. But now it's been another 7 months on the met and still nothing. I feel great on the drug, I've lost some weight and I'm still ovulating regularly.

So since we're getting frustrated with failing at TTC, we've made an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). Hopefully he can be helpful in getting more tests, and having Andrew tested as well. You see PCOS and multiple miscarriages isn't the only things stacked up against us...oh no that would be too easy; I've also got Factor V Leiden it's a bleeding disorder that requires me to be on blood thinners for life. When pregnant I switch to a shot form called Lovenox. Basically and EXTREMELY expensive bee sting-in-a-needle.

So why the need for joining several communities? Well as you may have read, we've got a lot going on. We are still very much grieving over our losses, we're still trying for a healthy baby, I've got loads of medical issues, and we're considering adoption. So I thought I'd kill several birds with one stone and post one "about me" entry. (sorry for the cliche...I wouldn't actually throw stones at birds)

The reason I decided to join communities is because while I like myspace, it is filled with friends from my past. Most of my friends have babies, 1,2,3 or 4 of them! I have a few who are going through infertility, or who've miscarried. But I still find myself feeling as if I am going through all of this alone (minus with my hubby of course). I just really have the need to be able to vent and discuss and comfort and be comforted by those who understand what I'm going through, without being told to "relax and it'll happen" etc.

So sorry I didn't post this "Friends Only" but being new I don't have many LJ friends yet, so add me :)
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